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30ml All in One Chamomile Balm

30ml All in One Lavender Balm

2oz Ola Oil

All in one balm in the chamomile scent is soft, grounding and sweet. It slows you down and calms your nervous system. Rub this on your hands and take in a deep breath allowing yourself to feel the benefits of the calming aromas. This all-purpose balm can be used on anyone, with any skin type in a variety of ways.

The all-in-one balm in lavender salve recipe allows the soothing powers of antioxidant-rich Zakynthos olive oil, roman chamomile, and luscious lavender to extend beyond your skin, reducing stress and nourishing your wellbeing from the inside out.

Escape to an oasis of pure hydration and relaxation with our Ola Oil. As antioxidant-rich Greek olive oil replenishes your skin, aromas of roman chamomile and herbaceous geranium soothe your mind and soul. This beautiful olive skin oil is great for your face, body, hair, or bath!