Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name Ouli's come from?

Ouli is one of the many endings added to a name in Greek as a term of endearment.
Stephanie's Grandmother and inspiration behind the brand used to call
Stephanie, Ouli. It turned out to be the perfect name for the ointment too!

Where can Ouli's Ointment be applied?

Fantastic news... the answer is Anywhere!  Ouli's Ointment is made for external use only, it may be used around the eyes but not in the eyes and should be kept out of reach of children.

My skin gets really dry what is the best way to use Ouli's for it?

The biggest tip we have for those with dry skin is to apply Ouli's to damp skin. The ingredients in Ouli's Ointment are gentle enough for it to even be applied around your eyes if you have dry skin there. It can also be used on a daily basis to hydrate chapped lips. It is a great barrier between makeup and your skin and works very well under foundation if you tend to have dry skin on your face. If your hands tend to be dry after washing your hands while they are still damp apply your Ouli's! This applies to any area of the body or face. We have customers that suffer from eczema and psoriasis and they use it too!

You say Ouli's is super gentle, can I use it on my baby or while pregnant?

Yes you can! Our founder Stephanie has been using it on her son since he was born. It can be used as a body balm, or diaper balm and even on cradle cap before gently brushing off the dry skin! Pregnancy can create a lot of changes and sensitivities in the body so we recommend you test it first before applying everywhere but our ingredients are safe during pregnancy.

Can Ouli's be used as a beard balm?

Most definitely yes! Give it a try, apply a small amount to the palm of your hands rub them together to warm it up and run your hands over your beard, you can even brush it through.

How can I use Ouli's on my burn or my cuts?

We highly suggest you clean your cut first then apply a small amount of Ouli's to your cut. The soothing properties of the chamomile will calm any irritation and the beeswax and olive oil will create a protective barrier on the cut. This is also the case with burns, we suggest you run your burn under cold water before application.

Can I use it on my new tattoo?

Ouli's makes a fantastic tattoo balm for all the reasons mentioned above. Again like a cut, make sure you clean your tattoo regularly before applying Ouli's. It will also enhance the colors of your tattoo.

How else can I use Ouli's?

Ouli's is a simple and adaptable balm, you can scrape some out onto the palm of your hand or another empty tin, add some quality essential oil blends and use it as the base for a cold and cough rub or muscle rub. You can even use it with your favorite eyeshadow or lipstick to make it glossy.

Patted on to your cheekbones and cupids bow for a bit of highlight.

How about eyebrow balm! Or base for your biodegradable glitter?! It even works to break down eye makeup before washing your face!

The options are endless!

Is Ouli's Ointment vegan?

Unfortunately our product is not yet vegan but it is something that we are looking into for the future.

If it only contains 3 ingredients why are these TOCOPHEROL, d-LIMONENE, LINANOOL, GERANIOL, listed on the tin?

TOCOPHEROL is a form of Vitamin E used in many skincare products to preserve. d-LIMONENE, LINANOOL, GERANIOL are naturally occurring allergens found in essential oils.

What is your shipping policy?

Deliveries to the US take on average 3 days to arrive, depending on the shipping method used. Deliveries to other countries may take longer. If the product has still not arrived after 15 working days please get in touch with us at
Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays determined by common and other freight carriers. Standard shipping methods include the Royal Mail Postal Service.

If I am a makeup artist can I get a discount?

Because our founder is a makeup artist she found it important to make Ouli's a staple in makeup artist's kits. So yes! If you are a makeup artist, email us 2 forms of credit at and your website or social media handle and you once approved you will receive a 20% discount on Ouli's. Any other questions? Please contact us at

How do I order wholesale?

Please contact us at if you are interested in buying large quantities and we will give you a call.