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The Greeks invented philosophy, so it’s crucial that we follow a specific ethos and serve as a channel for problem solving in the beauty industry.

We accomplish this by maintaining our four core promises.


When we say multi-purpose beauty products, we mean it. From our all purpose balm to our coconut beeswax candle that doubles as a salve—all of our products are multi-functional and centered around nourishing your skin and your wellbeing.

We believe your wellbeing can be uniquely enhanced when you embrace your natural beauty, and that’s exactly what our products do. They utilize minimal, intentional ingredients to protect your skin barrier and the environment, rather than overwhelm them.

Our minimalistic, multi-functional products inspire adaptability and longevity. On top of that, they reduce the need for excess and single-use products and begin to shift your thinking (and the rest of the world’s thinking!) away from the disposable mindset that has inundated the industry for so long.


Less is more, and it’s even more when the ingredients are organic. By nourishing the skin with intentional organic ingredients that are truly potent and effective, we believe you can see results with substantially less.

We maintain simplicity for the sake of skin barrier function and repair. Your skin is inherently self-regulating, and we want to provide ingredients that support it, not overwhelm it. Our organic skincare products are made with organic and wildcrafted ingredients that come to us directly from our partners, cutting out the middleman to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our olive oil comes directly from our partner in Zakynthos, where it’s cold-pressed through a millstone method. This method is rarely used anymore because of its slow laborious nature, but we maintain it because it’s so effective in drawing the nutrients from the olive.

Our ingredients are a product of organic regenerative agriculture—agriculture that actively reverses climate change by carefully nourishing soil to restore biodiversity and removing carbon from the atmosphere in the process. Our partners avoid chemical pesticides that would otherwise damage ecosystems and harm the very bee colonies that make our mission possible.


Our skin and wellbeing products are packaged in aluminum, the most endlessly recyclable material available. In other words, our round lip balm tins aren’t just round, they’re circular too—part of a circular economy! Of all aluminum produced in the U.S., nearly 75% of it is still in use today, and the recycled pieces require only 10% of the energy needed to produce virgin aluminum.

Our sustainable packaging also avoids excess outer wrapping. Instead, we use biodegradable seals to protect our products and 100% recycled materials to ship them.

We manufacture in-house, allowing us to eliminate product waste and handcraft small batches that ship directly to you.


When we say our products are for everyone, we mean everyone—women, men, non-binary, babies, children, parents, grandparents, and even pets!

Our organic, intentional ingredients are gentle and safe for all ages and skin types, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your beauty products actually care about your wellbeing and your loved ones.

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