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  • Ultra-hydrating
  • Great for dry skin
  • Absorbs well
  • Leaves a mattifying effect with a lasting protective layer

This balm is unlike our beloved all-purpose balm in a few ways. It's vegan, made with Ouli's Organic Olive Oil, Organic Laurel Berry wax and Organic Rose wax. The scent comes from Ouli's Organic Geranium essential oil and the Rosemary CO2 preservative oil. If you love the scent of our Ola Oil, you will love the scent of the Rose balm. 

We love a no waste product and that's exactly what this is! The Rose wax is a byproduct of the Rose essential oil process. We are using up every bit of goodness! The geranium brings out the rose scent from the rose wax beautifully. 

SCENT: Floral / Herbaceous / Grounding 


Ultra-hydrating, great for dry skin, absorbs well and leaves a soft mattifying effect with a protective layer.


Olea europaea (Olive) fruit oil*, Myrica Pubescens (Laurel Berry) Fruit Wax, Rosa Damascena Flower Wax, Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) leaf oil*, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) leaf extract*, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil*
d-Limonene`, Linanool`, Citronellol`, Geraniol`
*Certified Organic Ingredient, `Natural constituent of botanical oil


Moisturize your skin barrier
Nourish dry skin
Soothe chapped lips
Massage anywhere on your body
Tame your flyaway hairs

  • Rose Wax

    Roses have been used in beauty for centuries because it helps regenerate cells, even complexion and reduce redness in skin. The antibacterial properties may help reduce acne while adding plumpness and suppleness. Rose wax is a by-product of the essential oil process.

  • Geranium

    In aromatherapy, geranium essential oil is used to melt away feelings of stress and tension. It also effectively tightens skin by eliminating dead skin cells. Combined with the earthiness of chamomile and hydration of olive oil, geranium flower adds subtle yet complex floral notes to an overall simple combination.

  • Laurel Berry Wax

    Obtained from the bay berry tree, this wax adds a rich creamy texture to this hydrating balm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tasha R.

This is now always in my pocket. Helps with any dry skin spots in the arid SoCal climate and has a soft rose scent with I love. My kids love it too on any “ouchie” they get.

Natalie P.

Started using this on my face and I am having less breakouts and dryness! I love this product!

Olivia C.

I love the rose balm! I’m a huge fan of the original and the lavender balm so I was excited to try something new. Ouli’s never fails to make the best products!

Lara C.

Love this new fragrance balm! I use it on my lips, face and nails just like the original balm!

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