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Stephanie G-M (aka Stephanouli) is the celebrity makeup artist behind Ouli’s Ointment. After 11 years of working with different skin types, hundreds of products and throwing away lots of unnecessary packaging she decided it was time to create a clean cult brand.

Stephanie believes adaptable products reduce the need for lots of stuff that ends up out of date and in the trash; that's why all our products are multi-use. Ouli's focus, as a sustainable brand is a reduction of waste in the beauty industry through minimal, reusable aluminium packaging and products that work in many ways.


A large piece of the story is her Greek heritage. She was inspired by her grandmother’s use of natural remedies and the family’s olive groves on the beautiful Greek island of Zakynthos on the Ionian Sea. Stephanie combined her heritage and experience of beauty in fashion, Stephanie began the brand with her wonder product; the must have, all purpose Beauty Balm.

Ouli’s Ointment is an indispensable part of everyday skincare and a growing collection of wellness essentials! 


Ouli's Ointment aims to create multi-use products for skin and soul. Using organic or wildcrafted ingredients and reusable packaging our brand aims to reduce waste in the beauty industry and inspire simplicity, while creating adaptable products.

Since launching as a one product brand, Ouli's Ointment has grown to encompass products that promote beauty being soul deep.

A percentage of all sales is donated to local nonprofits we believe are essential in making our world a better place.