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Bring family and friends together in true Greek style with our organic extra virgin koroneiki olive oil.

14oz / 398ml

What makes this olive oil so special?

1. We are the only partner of this family owned and operated farm in Zakynthos, Greece

2. They have successfully met the challenge of bringing the traditional olive oil production system, with millstones and hydraulic presses, up to today’s food production standards, operating from a solid scientific base.

3. This process takes place at low temperatures (cold pressed) and without any use of water. Olive oil produced with millstones and presses retains its utmost nutritional value, antioxidant levels and is distinguished by its mild almost sweet taste. 

4. The main waste problem of olive oil production is the liquid vegetable water produced during processing. This amount of waste produced to make 1lt olive oil is 2,5lts of liquid waste from a traditional press (modern centrifugal type of presses have a ratio of 1lt-6lts respectively!) In collaboration with the Horticultural University of Athens, Logothetis Farm apply an innovative method of integrated processing, transforming their waste into an organic liquid fertilizer, directly used in their olive groves!