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Aromatherapy Candle
All-in-One Balm

If we don’t fill our cup we can’t fill others. This package is created as a beautiful reminder to love ourselves and those who are putting others needs first. 

This bundle is the perfect gift for the Mother, the Lover or the Friend.

  1. 30ml All in One Balm

    Our balm is made with love in Los Angeles using the finest organic ingredients, including our AO-rich Zakynthos olive oil and soothing Roman chamomile.
    Make our Ouli's Ointment original your go-to for everything and we guarantee it will become a fast favorite!

  2. 2oz Ola Oil (Not pictured)

    Great for face, body, hair or bath, Ola Oil pairs perfectly with its sister - our all purpose beauty balm - for extra hydration, just in time for winter.

  3. Essential Oil Massage Candle 

    Choose between our three aromatherapy candles that each bring a different benefit but all luscious and relaxing.