My vision when I created Ouli's Ointment was to keep it simple and reduce waste in the beauty industry. As a makeup artist for over fourteen years, I have thrown away a lot of packaging from new products, especially as trends are always changing there is always new product. 

Ouli's changes that.

Our tins are made from aluminium for its lightweight durability. Our seals are biodegradable and made from vegetable cellulose and we have no outer packaging, overall reducing shipping costs and footprints.

When finished we encourage reuse of our tins for desk drawers, purses, and anywhere else you need a small, sealable container.


About 21% of global greenhouse gas emissions are contributed by industrial sector, of which aluminum industries accounted for ∼1.0%. 

Aside from our tins being fully reusable, aluminium is the most recyclable material available.

Aluminium is corrosion resistant and can be recycled over and over again, requiring just a fraction of the energy used to produce the primary metal.

And our shipping materials are made from 100% recycled materials. 


Our ingredients are organic. This may seem like a small step but as we have learned from bees that pesticides contribute to damaging our ecosystem. For example, it is extremely hard to find organic beeswax in the USA. Why? Because you can't control where bees roam and the majority of land and crops in the US are sprayed with pesticides... which in turn kill bees. By supporting organic practices we reduce the use of pesticide-based farming and contribute to regenerative farms.

Manufacturing in-house gives us control over where and how our ingredients are sourced and allows us to work in small batches to minimize product waste to zero. We have full control over our supply chain and the quality of our ingredients.

Collaborating with regenerative farms means Ouli's and our customers contribute positively to the environment to increase resilience to climate change.

As a small business we are committed to our part and we hope you will support Ouli's as my vision for the brand's sustainable offerings grow.


We are proud to give back a percent of our sales to a choice of local non-profit. We have selected four non profits and a percentage of your purchase can go to the cause of your choice. Here is a little bit about each one all you have to do is choose your cause at check out:

One Earth

One Earth is a philanthropic organization working to accelerate collective action to limit global average temperature rise to 1.5°C. The solutions for the climate crisis already exist, and the latest science shows we can achieve the 1.5°C goal through three pillars of action – a shift to 100% renewable energy by 2050, protection and restoration of half of the world’s lands and oceans, and a transition to regenerative, climate-friendly agriculture. To achieve these goals, we must rapidly scale philanthropic capital to meet critical funding gaps over the coming decade.


The Bee Girl organization is a non-profit with a mission to educate and inspire communities to conserve bees, their flowers, and our countryside.  The organization, founded by Sarah Red-Laird, aims to conserve our bees by educating people, especially kids, on bees’ importance through our programs focused on community classes and events.  We have also formed unique and important partnerships with universities, public land managers, and private companies to conduct bee heath and habitat research.  The Bee Girl Organization engages with communities across the nation, and the globe, spreading knowledge and bringing a sense of wonder from the hive to the people.

We envision a future where kids frolic in pastures of flowers, buzzing with bees, alongside profitable family farmers and ranchers.  Through our research projects and education programs we are regenerating soil, bees, and communities.


ROSIE'S is a Culver City, California foundation that creates opportunities to activate and employ people with diverse abilities through workplace training.


The issues that women with cancer and cancer survivors confront each day are complex. Living with cancer and the harsh treatments that often accompany the disease are known to lead to inhibition of emotional expression, decreased physical ability, altered physical appearance, depression, high stress, anxiety and other detrimental effects that hinder the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of women. The Foundation for Living Beauty cares about each individual woman, and applies our wrap-around approach to helping women regain their sense of femininity, self-worth, beauty and emotional stability after coping with the taxing effects of cancer and chemotherapy.