Ouli's Ointment is a brand that cares. We have selected 3 non profits we have a close connection to and a percentage of your purchase can go to the cause of your choice. Here is a little bit about each one all you have to do is choose your cause at check out:


 ROSIE'S is a Culver City foundation that creates opportunities to activate and employ diverse abilities through workplace training.


Lunch On Me isn't just about food. We are a Los Angeles based non profit dedicated to ending starvation while providing opportunities to enrich the mind, body and spirit of LA's homeless community. 

LOM Brings nutritious and organic meals to skid row six days a week, every week and no reaches 10,000 people a month. We redistribute organic food that would otherwise be wasted in order to create delicious and quality meals. 

Our initiatives also include yoga classes, community parties and healing gatherings for women. We believe that radical self-love is the foundation for permanent healing. 



The issues that women with cancer and cancer survivors confront each day are complex. Living with cancer and the harsh treatments that often accompany the disease are known to lead to inhibition of emotional expression, decreased physical ability, altered physical appearance, depression, high stress, anxiety and other detrimental effects that hinder the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of women. The Foundation for Living Beauty cares about each individual woman, and applies our wrap-around approach to helping women regain their sense of femininity, self-worth, beauty and emotional stability after coping with the taxing effects of cancer and chemotherapy.