Olive oil is special, not only because it is something I have grown up has been the oil of my life! But it is the oil of my life because: it is jam packed with antioxidants called Polyphenols and is a Monosaturated Oil.

The benefits of polyphenols when paired with the other vitamins such as E (also in Olive Oil) is that they protect the skin against free radicals, which is what makes antioxidants so unique. In turn they fight inflammation and help your skin reduce damage caused by environmental factors.

 Being a highly monosaturated oil means that it is more stable than some thinner oils, this gives olive oil a higher shelf life and a slower rate of absorb. 

What does that mean for your skin?

It means that you can feel the oil working on your skin at a slow rate, not leaving you greasy but creating an occlusive layer and preventing water loss!

What’s not to love about this ancient bad boy?!

Olive oil is a fantastic ingredient both inside and outside the body. My one reservation around using olive oil on my skin before Ouli’s was the smell. I like things to smell nice especially if they are on my face or my son! I wanted to create something that had hydrating benefits without the grease or stink.

That's why this little wonder balm is formulated to give you hydrating benefits of olive oil with the calming, apple like sweetness of the roman chamomile. So give it a try and let us know what you think! And this is why we use olive oil in Ouli's Ointment All Purpose Balm!

WAYS TO PLAY: fun way of adding to the many uses is applying Ouli’s Ointment to your clean face and popping a warm, damp towel to your face. After about 5 mins of relaxation check feel the plumpness in your skin and check out how the balm locks in the moisture! 

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