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Complicated skincare is a thing of the past as we head into 2020. Gone are the 12-step routines of the Korean skincare trend and in its place are multipurpose products that do double, triple or quadruple duty—in less time. Meet a few of the Opal Avenue brands leading the pack in our latest Trend Report.

Divine Scents Aromatherapy Stress Relief Inhaler

The power of essential oils has been on beauty’s radar for a while now, but this upcoming year, you’ll see even more multipurpose products relying on EOs to do heavy mood lifting. This Stress Relief Inhaler from Divine Scents is an on-the-go mood booster, which is key to the minimalism trend. Stick it in your purse or leave one in your car or on your desk and inhale the scents of rosewood, coriander and sandalwood to produce a deeply warm, relaxing and soothing feeling anytime you need it. It fights stress and promotes relaxation, all in a tube smaller than your lipstick case.

Ava Isa Aurora Rose SPF 45 Ultra Matte with Bio UVA Ultra Sunscreen

You know that perfect tinted moisturizer with sunscreen you’ve been searching for? This one from Ava Isa is IT. With a nude-rose illuminating tint, it’s the most light-weight, ultra matte sunscreen to date—with Ecocert certified organic 15% Zinc Oxide as its active ingredient and the brand’s patent pending Bio UVA Ultra in a tinted form. This extremely dry touch finish feels instantly weightless when applied to the skin and it does double duty because it also provides exceptional UVA and UVB protection with zinc oxide as its only active ingredient. It streamlines your makeup routine, while being beneficial and protective to skin. Talk about minimalism (without losing the potency).


You can’t talk about beauty minimalism without talking about this multi-purpose balm. Created by a makeup artist to prep skin before makeup application, this ointment softens dry skin and be used for pain relief on cuts and burns while reducing redness. Ouli’s Ointment also acts as a multi-application beauty product with uses including smoothing fine lines under the eye, perfect for chapped lips, and as a barrier under makeup to create a healthy glow. It even tames flyaway hairs. It’s the only thing you need in your pre-makeup routine.

MakeupDrop Everyday Set

Streamlining makeup application is yet another way beauty minimalism will take 2020. You can skip basically all your makeup brushes by adding the MakeupDrop Everyday set to your routine. The carefully designed silicone makeup applicator can be used to apply foundation, concealer, eye makeup, blush, highlighter, bronzer… you name it! It also eliminates makeup waste by reducing the amount of product you use. These two silicone applicators distill all of your favorite makeup accessories into one succinct device, clearing clutter from your makeup bag, and your life.


Neeta Naturals Elaadi Face & Body Oil

Whenever you find a product that works for both your delicate facial skin and your body, hold onto it tight. Perfect for traveling or just for minimizing your beauty routine, The Neeta Naturals Elaadi Face & Body Oil manages to work wonders for both your face and your body. The ancient Ayurvedic recipe infuses herbs in sesame oil and a water decoction to extract both oil and water soluble phytoactive components of these beneficial herbs. It has been used for centuries for soothing irritated skin conditions including eczema and dry skin, and it’s known to improve complexion, skin texture and to reduce appearance of acne and eczema scars.

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