The Story Behind Ouli's Ingredients

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This is my Yiayia, my mothers mother. Yiayia has played a huge role in the Ouli's story and the reason I chose the ingredients I did for Ouli's. So here is a little background on the ingredients Yiayia showed me the benefits of:

Organic Olive Oil, straight from the island of Zakynthos. Greece along with other mediterranean countries have a history of creating beautiful olive oil, but the olive oil in Ouli's is from Zakinthos because that is where my family is from and where we have family olive groves which were given to her by a family member as a thank you for caring for her. I never knew how amazing this was until Yiayia got sick a few years ago and I knew I wanted to create something else that could be passed down through the family. Something that contains olive oil, smells fantastic and benefits skin the way olive oil has done for centuries. 

So, why olive oil? Well, I'm glad you asked! Olive oil contains a ton of antioxidants which helps it act as a natural anti-ager and reduces inflammation! It also protects the skin by preventing water loss.

Organic Beeswax, I chose beeswax as the texture for Ouli's because as a makeup artist I have used lots of products that contain different ingredients to create different textures and I found beeswax to leave the nicest most hydrating texture on skin without the greasy residue. Bees are also all over the island of Zakynthos. Beeswax combined with olive oil serves as a natural treatment against dry skin. It's a little miracle worker created by little miracle bees, it locks in moisture and can help keep skin firm and plump!

Organic Chamomile, this little beauty plant is something to write home about! Chamomile is one of the main remedies my Yiayia and my Mother used to use on us as children because it has wondrous healing properties. They would soak cotton in fresh chamomile tea and apply it to our eyes when we had eye infections, or use it on our skin if we had a rash, or drink the fragrant tea when we had an upset tummy or couldn't sleep. Why? Because chamomile has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Which are all amazing for our skin too. I use chamomile in all the above ways with my baby boy and our little dog, and I love that these little remedies have been passed down through our family and now exist in this little beauty ointment.


I hope you love these awesome ingredients as much as I do.


Stephanie G-M x


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