Stay Hydrated

Posted by Stephanie Gannon-Malcom on

There is nothing that is harder to handle than the dehydration your skin experience post summer glow and as winter begins. You go from looking your ultimate to feeling like you missed something! Your skin has had the vitamin D it deserves from the sunshine but it also needs some moisture and protection from the elements of autumn and winter so let Ouli's come to the rescue in the form of a mask!

  • Apply a thin layer of Ouli's to your face and neck massaging it into clean skin, then drape a warm wet cloth over your face and sit back for a few minutes and switch off and soak up the olive oil and chamomile! 
  •  Once you are ready, pat your face with a dry towel and witness the hydration.

Olive oil contains antioxidants which help with keep the elasticity in your skin and help restore smoothness! 


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