Skin Mapping with Ouli's Ointment

Did you know, at least 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream? Skin is our largest organ and beyond that it protects our bodies while taking a beating from all environmental extremes.

These are a few of the reasons why we need to take a step back to basics and show our skin some much deserved R-E-S-P-E-C-T! As in any good relationship it starts with listening. When we get breakouts or obvious lines, as inconvenient as they are, they communicating something to us about what is going on inside and it can help you understand what your body is missing and what needs some attention. This is a system applied in Chinese medicine, skin mapping of issues and even face yoga.

So here is a little break down of what your breakouts could be telling you. This will help you know which way to turn internally to support your skin from the inside.

When you have a breakout in the areas indicated in the picture it is directly correlated to those areas internally. 

Kidneys and Liver: These detoxify your body so flushing out your system with either a liver detox or herbal remedies added to your water to support your system will also help stop these breakouts

Reproductive Organs: Along the jawline this can come up due to hormonal changes. What has changed that is affecting your hormones? Do you need less of something in your diet or less stress? 

Thyroid: Breakouts around the neck generally give you a hint it could be something to do with your thyroid or adrenals. Again this comes down to stress and your system being overwhelmed.

Steaming skin, applying a mask from our DIY skincare recipes or using the Versine Serum to help reduce the length of time of breakouts are all short term solutions to help you feel confident while working on the internal!

Much love,

Stephanie G-M

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