Mother’s Day is a reminder to celebrate the heart of the house. As a Mother, it serves as a reminder to take care of me and to love and nurture myself. I am no good to my family if I am burned out, unhappy and uncared for! My favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to spend it with my family in addition to getting some quiet time to myself. I am thankful for my husband who supports my need for “me time”. 

To honor this day, I wanted to create a list of thoughtful gifts that I would want and that also serve as a daily reminder to mothers of how much we appreciate them and that we need to nurture ourselves just like we nurture our children. 

  1. Created by a fellow mother and makeup artist, GoBeYou believes that every woman deserves to live in HEALTH with JOY! Reclaim yourself with their practical advice and products that help you feel amazing in your own skin. After all, the best cosmetic is a healthy, joyful you! It’s time to shut down the inner critic and turn on your self-love! Get 20% off GoBeYou Outer Beauty products with code GOBEYOU20.


    inner and outer beauty


  2. Lausanne Jewelry uses only silver and gold,embodying elegance with an edge. You can personalize with initials too! Buy one and get one 30% off all Seeded Eternity Collection!


    beautiful gold necklace bracelet and ring


  3. Molly Sue Wellness offers pre and post natal massages and acupuncture in a beautiful, serene space in Culver City, Los Angeles. Get $25 off initial acupuncture treatment gift certificates! Email hello@mollysuewellness.com with code MSWMAMAS21 to claim.


    pregnant mama belly with acupuncture needles


  4. With or without polish, nail care is a great way to give a Mom a break... Check out TenoverTen, a non-toxic at home mani and pedi kit. After all, no polish means Mom can't touch anything without ruining her mani!


    nail products in a bag


  5. Add some R&R to your Mother’s Day with a relaxing facial at Cheeks and Co. Also be sure to check out and sniff our products at their spa first hand as they are also one of our retailers!


    spa desk clean and simple with tiles and white wall

  6. Last but not least - all things Ouli’s! What Mom wouldn’t love multi-use products that complement their skin’s needs and simplify their beauty regimen? Less is more… always. Shop our Mother’s Day collection and get 15% off when you buy our Ola Oil and Bohali Nights Massage Candle together.


I wish all the Mamas a very Happy Mother’s Day, no matter which way you celebrate! 

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