I recently did a video describing all the ways you can use Ouli's Ointment and makeup work together and I thought it would be interesting to show you how I use it on a daily basis on makeup jobs. Generally Ouli's being an all purpose balm is extremely versatile and adapts to uses and depending on the quantity applied you adjust the texture.

It is never greasy only glowy!

Alexa Chung


Nina Dobrev

Ouli's is the one thing I can't do without in my set bag and is adaptable enough to suit any makeup look I'm creating. The above pictures of Alexa Chung and Nina Dobrev are a perfect example of how I used Ouli's as a lip balm.

Girl looking down with glossy eyelids and red lip

The above image is a fantastic demonstration of how Ouli's works as a highlighter or glossy eye look be with eye shadow or without. Here I used a Rituel De Fille highlighter on the inside corners of the eye and topped it off with Ouli's on there and all over the lid. Certain lights tend to not pick up on shimmer, say if it's super bright it will get washed out, but with actual gloss and shimmer it will come up more textured and layered. 

Girl outside with mountain in background and wind blown curly hair


Close up shot of girl with glossy red lips


Model with dreads leaning against a white truck

The above 3 images are an example of how Ouli's can be used as a face primer and moisturizer either mixed in with foundation or applied before foundation. The majority of foundations I use are oil based (one of my faves is Gressa Skin Minimalist due to it's adaptability) using Ouli's means that there is no chance of the foundation rolling (you know when it feels like it's peeling off as you apply it?) in turn that makes the base buildable. I can also use a little bit of Ouli's with concealer or foundation mixed in to refresh the look when needed. As men tend to have less of a dewy look on shoots, I hydrate well with a mist and smaller amount of Ouli's and then apply a bit of powder and concealer where needed but not all over.

Now it's your turn head to our shop to get your own Ouli's Ointment All Purpose Balm and find your favorite ways to wear it with makeup.


Photographer credits in order of pictures

Jon Gorrigan

Ben Watts

Angela Marklew

Josh Shinner

Angela Marklew

Jon Gorrigan

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