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Functional Scent Massage Candle

If you are new to Ouli’s Ointment or a loyal long-standing customer, I thought it would be useful to hear our perspective on our candle ingredients. Sustainable and safe ingredients are one of Ouli’s Ointment pillars. They are what created the brand and what makes us stand out, the integrity and trust we have gained are first and foremost through the high quality of our ingredients and our story which is inspired by the island my family is from in Greece. Read more about our story.

Which leads me to our candles! I never thought I would release candles to be honest because there is such controversy over the issues they can create with health. We released a candle through a brand collaboration, and after seeing the overwhelming love that it got, I thought why not try and create our own? I have focused on our candles with keen attention given to the scent and formulated it myself using safe essential oils. This is why they are referred to as aromatherapy or functional scent candles.

Having studied natural skincare formulation and the art of perfumery it's important to me that the scent has a purpose that also carries on the nature of our multi-use brand. These candles are as multi-use as it gets! Scents that calm or invigorate, can be used as a massage oil, and create a calming environment! You can shop all of our candles here to find the right scent for you. 

Clean & Safe Candle Ingredients

A topic that has come up being a massage candle is the ingredients in our wax, which is pre-blended by a company that manufactures clean candle wax. As a growing company, we value our customers' feedback and hold it with the utmost care. We have received valuable questions & feedback regarding the signature Bohali Nights Massage Candle. At Ouli’s Ointment, we are focused on transparency, and meeting our customers' requests. We’ve had concerns about the hydrogenated oil being used as a skin treatment along with the industrial treatment of soybeans not being grown organically. 

I truly wish I could change these things easily! Now the facts are true, soy isn’t a particularly clean ingredient for consumption or most daily skin use due to the fact that most soy is a very small percent organic and about 98% of soybean is GMO or non-GMO mixed with GMO. Any wax that is not naturally a wax has to be transformed into wax. Soybean is most commonly a liquid oil and has to be altered to become a wax, which means it goes through a hydrogenation process. Due to this change from liquid to wax it can’t meet an organic certification. 

Now, why do we use this wax then? Because what we ingest or put on our body regularly has different requirements to something that burns. These waxes are the cleanest burning waxes outside of my preferred beeswax. If you have used our candle on your skin you have felt that it doesn’t overheat or burn your skin when it has melted. This is due to the melting point which is 105-115F if we were to use beeswax, the candles wouldn’t be able to be used as a massage oil as beeswax melts at 144-147F and doesn’t hold a scent for hot or cold throw either (which is what allows you to smell the candle when hot and cold). 

Maybe we will one day release beeswax candles! 

Our candles go through burn tests to ensure the ingredients burn safely and well. All this to say for different products the safety and priorities change, and I do my best to ensure safety and high quality with everything we release.

I hope you have a chance to try out our candles and enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them for you. 

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