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If you are a makeup artist you will understand that the majority of our time is spent running on adrenaline, being ready to work at the speed of light and deliver extraordinary results, while not keeping anyone waiting. For that reason, any makeup artist that has had the opportunity to work at any fashion week, anywhere in the world has a passion for the adrenaline rush it delivers. It is also a time of major learning of the hottest new makeup, hair and fashion trends as well as an opportunity to work with other artists and friends. It's an awesome time of year (twice a year!) 

One of most important things I found working on shows is the need for products that deliver each time without fail. If a product is inconsistent, you generally do not use it during Show Season or much after. That is another reason I created a product that delivers with consistent results each time: it is fast to use, has many uses and is gentle and soothing on overworked, tired skin. 

Lack of sleep, partying and the turning weather can wreck havoc on skin so, here are some ways you can use Ouli's in your kit or at home whether you are attending the shows, watching from the office or working at them. 

  • Dry skin; Depending on how much time you have, warm up a pea sized amount of Ouli's in your hands and massage with upward strokes on décolletage and face or if you have a few minutes to spare follow with a warm wet cloth and allow the chamomile scent to do its job and relax. Finish by gently patting with a dry cloth. This will leave skin glowing, the mind relaxed and the perfect makeup base
  • Dehydrated lips or under eyes; Apply a layer of Ouli's on lips or under eyes before commencing the full face so as to hydrate before it's time for lipstick 
  • Disheveled brows; Tame those beautiful brows with a sweep of Ouli's either using your fingers or a disposable mascara wand to brush hairs upwards
  • Add texture; Warm up some Ouli's between your fingers and pat onto cheekbones and bridge of nose to add a sheen to a finished face or on eyelids to create a glossy look
  • Last but not least you can use your Ouli's to freshen up cuticles, elbows or perfect a sleek hair look without a tacky, greasy finish

Enjoy the season!

Stephanie G-M x


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